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Consultations: How I Operate

After a thorough consultation, you will leave having learnt how to optimise your own health through food and nutrients.


Ultimately, my job is to develop your knowledge of what to eat to ensure you can nourish yourself accordingly. However, our nutritional requirements can change throughout our lives and therefore my goal is to create a relationship with my clients and become their trusted nutrition adviser.

As a nutritional medicine practitioner, I will also investigate the relationship between your diet, lifestyle and environment and how these factors may be impacting your overall health. The focus is on disease prevention and management through personalised nutrition plans and in some cases prescriptions using high quality, practitioner only supplements.

Hanna Watson Clinical Nutritionist Mosman Sydney
As Your Nutritional Medicine Practitioner I will: 
  • Review your medical health history in great detail 
  • Review your diet in great detail

  • Analyse blood tests (please bring the latest copies of your results to our appointment)

  • Determine whether you may have any nutritional deficiencies

  • Prescribe high quality practitioner only supplements if required

  • Refer you for further testing if applicable

  • Work with you to create a personalised treatment plan to achieve your health goals. 

  • Provide you with nutritional handouts, information sheets & recipes 

  • Focus too heavily on calories. Not all calories are equal. I am more interested in the biochemistry

  • Suggest that you do a juice fast for detoxification purposes

  • Encourage you to do a gallbladder flush - dangerous on many levels

As Your Nutritional Medicine Practitioner I will not
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