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  • Hanna Watson

It's almost 2018! I hope you're not going to go on a 'diet'.

Forget the “I’m going to go on a diet” New Year’s Resolution in 2018!

We all love a fresh start. Use this as an opportunity to improve your lifestyle and ultimately your health. Make 2018 the year that you make your health your number 1 priority!

To be perfectly honest, fad diets really annoy me. They target people who want to lose weight quickly however are often unsustainable. The poor dieter reverts to their former way of eating and the weight returns to what it was pre-fad diet (sometimes even more!).

It’s important to remember that being skinny doesn’t mean that you’re healthy! You might be skinny but suffering from gastrointestinal troubles, have severe fatigue or anxiety, have hormonal disturbances or sub-optimal skin health.

The crucial thing to keep in mind is that we’re all different. We have different nutritional requirements. Some of us have chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease which responds well to an anti-inflammatory style diet such as the Mediterranean diet. Some of us have gut issues such as SIBO or IBS which require the elimination of certain food groups/types whilst we heal the gut. We might be at a different stage in our life e.g. pregnant or going through menopause (or andropause for men) and some of us are just more active than others.

Many of my clients’ shudder when they hear the word diet. Relax! It’s not a dirty word. The definition of the term diet simply refers to the types of food commonly consumed or a style of eating. You could have a healthy diet packed full of fresh vegetables or an unhealthy diet packed with junk foods and processed foods. Yes, sometimes a therapeutic diet may be required especially if I am trying to get someone’s health back on track. However, it doesn’t mean starvation or calorie counting. Not with me, anyway. You can lose weight without going hungry!

I teach my clients about the benefits of eating certain foods and removing others from their diets altogether to improve their health. There are plenty of foods marketed as ‘healthy’ when really, they’re loaded with sugar and lacking in fibre.

I love wholefoods – foods in their natural state with little to no processing involved. Big food companies market their processed foods to us as time savers and life savers – things that we must have in our lives. However, in the long term these items are contributing to our ill health and disease progression. As a nation we’re struggling. Obesity rates are rising at alarming rates, especially in children. I am a big believer that good nutrition and healthy habits start at home.

Whatever your health goals may be in 2018, whether it’s to lose weight, improve your overall well being, give your body a much-needed reset, I would love to support you and help you reach those goals.

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