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Reviews & Feedback from Happy Clients

"Hi Hanna

                  I saw you about a year ago now, hope your pregnancy went well and everything is going well.


Just to give you a little feedback I took on board some of what we discussed in the consultation and am happy to say I’m 40kgs down from when we met and still going.


Thanks for your help.



"Hi Hanna, 


I can't thank you enough for this comprehensive follow-up. Not only am I feeling empowered by the knowledge but invigorated to make some changes! Already I'm looking at my meals in a very different way. Have a lovely lovely day and a big thank you once again". 

"Hanna you truly are my life saver - I am so grateful to have been introduced to you not only for the support you offer as a Nutritionist but also as a person. 


Thank you for always putting in so much to our sessions I get so much value and I appreciate everything."

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